Anytime Postage is equipped with a full slate of highly customizable features, including extensive private-label branding, and a multitude of payment and localization options to help you fit local and international shipping seamlessly with the rest of your business services.

Maintain Great Rates from Preferred Carriers

Our shipping kiosk is fully compatible with your current postal carriers’ accounts, allowing you to maintain your great shipping rates from your preferred carrier. If you don’t have an existing carrier relationship, you can use Anytime Postage’s default carrier options and enjoy great competitive rates.

Weigh Parcels up to 33 lbs (15 kg)

With a weight capacity of up to 33 lbs (15 kg), Anytime Postage can handle most of your customers’ package sending needs. A built-in scale provides precise weight readings and helps users find the most affordable shipping options by package size.

Multiple Ways to Pay

The Anytime Postage accepts payments from all major credit cards at checkout, plus additional mobile payment options like Apple Pay/Samsung Pay, helping you cater to a wider range of customers. Businesses can allow their customers to use their membership cards or reward cards too.

Localize Your Displays’ Language and Currency

Offering multiple localization options for languages and currencies, Anytime Postage solutions are easily adaptable for use all over the world. Our robust support for different languages and currencies makes our Kiosks ideal for businesses with many international customers or locations across multiple countries.

Scale Your Solutions to Suit Your Business

Whether you have one location or thousands, Anytime Postage provides an eminently scalable solution for adding postal services to your available repertoire of business services. The customizability of our shipping kiosk ensures that no matter how large or small your business is, our kiosks can be adapted to suit your needs.


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