Anytime Postage solutions open up brand new revenue streams for your business with turnkey solutions for self-service shipping. Our postal kiosks are the perfect complement for business centers, office spaces, or any other business looking to provide quick and convenient postal services.


Key Benefits of Our Automated Postal Kiosks

Flexible service hours
Unlike most of your services, Anytime Postage kiosks aren’t bound by your regular operating hours and can fulfill your customers’ postal needs 24/7.
Improve revenue and efficiency
Using automation, our postal kiosks let you offer better and faster service without having to bring on more staff, opening up new revenue streams without adding anything to your employee expenses.
Improve Customer Experiences
From shorter wait times to a reduction in human clerical errors, automated postal kiosks improve the speed and efficiency of your services for an overall better customer experience
Go Contactless
Completely contact-free access and payments promote a cleaner environment while helping your customers feel safer and more comfortable.
Ease of Payment
Accepting payments from all the major credit card companies and the most popular mobile pay options, our postal kiosks give customers more options to pay their way.
From adding your company colors and logos to preselecting your preferred carriers, Anytime Postage kiosks let you perfectly tailor the customer experience to best reflect your brand.

Coworking Spaces

Provide your business customers with the full services of a professional mailroom and add value to your coworking space without the drain on your expenses and staff. Our automated solutions provide you with a versatile and affordable way to offer your customers the convenience of sending business mail directly from your facilities.


With the ability to provide postal services supporting multiple languages and currencies, Anytime Postage kiosks are a better choice than post offices to provide outbound shipping solutions to the international tourists and business travelers that stay in your hotels every day. Your guests from around the world can stay connected with home through convenient and localized international shipping.

Retail Shipping Centers

Automate the shipping and checkout process with Anytime Postage Shipping Kiosks to provide faster service for your customers and a lightened the workload for your staff. Our low-maintenance, self-service postal kiosks help you serve more customers and bring in more profit with minimal additional overhead.


A superb addition for administration buildings or student dormitories, Anytime Postage provides automated, always-available shipping for staff and students alike. Self-service shipping kiosks help you easily address their letter and package needs without overburdening your campus services department and provide budget-conscious schools with amazing savings on outgoing mail.

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