The Anytime Postage Kiosk Features and Services

Automate your shipping with one simple solution.

Your Business, Your Solutions

The Anytime Postage Kiosk is a customizable self-service postal kiosk that let’s you offer shipping services to anywhere in to world to all of your customers.

  1. Multiple Courier Services
    Customize the carriers you wish to offer shipping services for including, UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, and more.
  2. Highly Customizable Features
    The Anytime Postage Kiosk is equipped with customizable features, including extensive private-label branding, and a multitude of payment and localization options to help you fit local and international shipping seamlessly into your business services
  3. Easy to Use for Anyone
    Anyone can use an Anytime Postage Kiosk, they simply take their parcel or letter to the kiosk, navigate through the inbuilt tablet screen, weigh the package and print the label in seconds.
  4. Scalable Solution
    Whether you have one location or thousands, Anytime Postage provides an eminently scalable solution for adding postal services to your available repertoire of business services.

Getting Started – How it Works

Elevating your business solutions offerings to your clients is simple, fast and straight-forward.

Purchase Your Kiosk(s)

It’s easy to get started. When you purchase your Anytime Postage Kiosk today, we will collect a Your Full Kiosk payment at checkout.

A monthly $18 fee will be charged each month on the anniversary of your purchase. This fee includes initial customizations, software enhancements, and provider updates. you’ll the first month’s fee upon checkout today and each month on the anniversary of your purchase.

Receive Your Kiosk(s)

Once we receive your order, a customer satisfaction specialist will connect with you to review customization requirements for your new kiosk(s). Customizations include branding and adding the shipping fees. You determine the markup over carrier fees!

Standard turnaround time from purchase to shipment is typically 4 to 6 weeks. You can select expedited shipping at checkout to receive your order faster. We collect your balance prior to shipment.

Start Earning!

Your Anytime Postage Kiosk(s) will be out of the box ready to start generating revenue for your business.

Anytime Postage collects 5% of shipping label revenue billed every 30 days, along with your Monthly maintenance fee of $18 billed Monthly on the anniversary date of your kiosk(s) purchase.

The rest is yours. It’s that simple.

Ready to Take Your Next Step?

Grow your business and offer more convenience to your customers with the Anytime Postage Self-Service Kiosk.


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